What are mud runs

What Are Mud Runs

Bertie Lange-Hewlett

Ever wondered ‘what are mud runs?’ Ever thought about taking part in one? Check out below for all things mud run and discover your next challenge!

What Are They?

Mud runs are a great mix, believe it or not… of running and mud! The courses are set distances, with lots of fun obstacles along the way. 

Mud runs are a brilliant way to spice up your fitness routine. Mud runs are a fun way of running, tackling obstacles, testing your fitness and mental resolve. 

They start like most races. Crowds of like minded people at the start line, but soon after you start comes the mud and obstacles. You run the distance and smash through obstacles whilst getting covered in mud. It is basically what is says it is on the tin.

Obstacles include:

– Low crawl

– Monkey bars

– Mud pools

– Cargo nets

– Walls

And more. 

Some of the obstacles can be too much for some people, but don’t worry, in most cases they’re not compulsory. The camaraderie between runners is second to none as well. Every runner who signs up is always willing to help everyone else. This creates a fantastic atmosphere, pushing you further and helping you smash the race and it’s obstacles.

There are some event organisers that are taking the mud run scene to the next level. Wild Running Events have one race that is a mud run during the night! 

What are mud runs

Are They Hard?

Mud runs are fun, don’t get us wrong, but they’re no walk in the park. The distances can range from a few miles up to ten miles! So it’s up to you to choose, but just remember that it isn’t your average run. 

The obstacles you’ll have to conquer are hard, and even harder when you’re five miles deep. Walls, swings and monkey bars to name just a few, will make this experience very enjoyable, but tough. 

Not only will the obstacles be a challenge in itself  but as the name suggests, there’s mud. Having said this, the mud is at the back of your mind once you get started as you’re focused more on the running and obstacle side of things. The mud also makes for fantastic photos during and at the end! Maybe just don’t expect your loved ones to be queuing up for a hug at the finish line…

Mud runs show many people that their physical fitness is not as high as they thought, but in an incredibly fun way! You would rather find out you’re not as fit as you thought when you’re doing a mud run than being chased by a grizzly bear! Or something like that…

Why Would You Do One?

Doing a mud run has several benefits. At the end of the day, if you have read above and thought ‘maybe but I don’t know’, we can promise that if you dive into this challenge, you will not regret it!

Events like mud runs challenge you both physically and mentally. As previously mentioned, the physical aspect can be a shock to some. The main reason for this is the fact that the obstacles aren’t just asking you to jump over a wall, but physically climbing it. After several miles this can really start to tire you out. 

The mental side is another struggle, but made considerably easier by lots of positives. Other runners help you wherever or whenever you need it. Also, when you’re conquering the hard to beat obstacles you will find a boost of mental strength after each one. 

Finishing a mud run is an honour not many have too. It may be tough, but every single second will be worth it.

What are mud runs

Mud Runs and EtchRock

EtchRock has teamed up with several event organisers who have mud runs available. Check out our website and find your next event.

Our partners include Wild Running Events and Blast Off Events! Don’t hesitate to check out their websites to find out more about their individual mud run events.  

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