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Obstacle Course Races
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Ready to get dirty? Fancy taking on a run combined with climbing walls, monkey bars, rope climbs and more? You're in the right place...

Obstacle course races have become incredibly popular and a wide range of events are now available throughout the year, and all year round. You'll be spoilt for choice! So whether you’re looking for a local race or the excitement of a big event, you'll be able to find the perfect race here. Search the best obstacle course races organised by some of your favourite race organisers including Rocket Race, The Nuts Challenge and many more.

Saturday 20th of March 2021
Wild Mud Run
Event By: X Runner Ltd
Tuesday 1st of October 2019
Rocket Race 2021 Season Pass
Virtual Challenge
Event By: Blast Off Events
Saturday 24th of April 2021
Rocket Race Apollo 2021
Event By: Blast Off Events
Sunday 23rd of May 2021
The Normanby Hall Adventure Race 2021
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Saturday 5th of June 2021
Rocket Race Orbiter 2021
Tollard Royal
Event By: Blast Off Events
Saturday 12th of June 2021
Para Bellum Weymouth 2021
Event By: Just Racing
Saturday 3rd of July 2021
Rocket Race Marshalls
Event By: Blast Off Events
Saturday 31st of July 2021
Beach Ballistic
Event By: Beach Ballistic
Saturday 4th of September 2021
Summer Nuts Challenge 4th&5th Sep 2021
Event By: The Nuts Challenge
Saturday 23rd of October 2021
Rocket Race Discovery 2021
Event By: Blast Off Events
Sunday 14th of November 2021
Rocket Race Atlantis 2021
Event By: Blast Off Events