Tips for running 10k

Top Tips For Running 10k

Bertie Lange-Hewlett

Thinking about getting into running? Struggling to conquer the popular 10k? Check out our top tips for running a 10k and start smashing your targets!

The ever popular 10k run is an absolutely perfect target to have if you’re just getting into running. It’s not the longest distance, but it can offer the runner a decent challenge. 

You can start with just wanting to complete a 10k without a break, moving on to faster times, and if you want, longer distances. A 10k run is a great way to start.

1. Be Reasonable With Your Targets and Start Slow

Like with all running, it is always best to start slow and be calculated in your training. This not only massively decreases your chances of injury, but it will also keep you motivated. 

Smaller but more achievable targets can be perfect for exactly this. You’ll be smashing through your targets, making progress and not risking anything too serious. Starting small should not be confused with starting easy. It’s all a process!

All targets are based on the individual. Have a think about what suits you the best, while taking into consideration your work and social commitments. Start with completing a 10k run with as many breaks as you need, then move toward one less break every time you try. 

If you think this is too easy, try doing it with 2 less breaks every time you run. Again, it’s down to you and what you think is right. No pressure!

2. Keep It Interesting

This goes for anything in life, but it is especially important to keep your running interesting. This piece of advice will work for any sort of running training you’re undertaking, from 5k, 10k and even half and full marathon training. 

One easy and certified way to keep your running interesting is choosing the right route (or routes). I guarantee wherever you are, there are some amazing local running routes that can really spice up your 10k. 

Choosing an interesting but challenging route can make your training 10 times better. Cool running trails that take your mind away from the running can improve times and enjoyment, so really it’s a win win for us!

3. Gym It!

The gym offers you a way to develop your training without it being all running outdoors. If you’re thinking about changing your training plan, then definitely give the gym a thought. 

Strength training can be a great way to condition the body to deal with the 10k run. Build strength in your legs of course, but also strengthen your core and it will improve technique. More often than not, technique flies under the radar but is still an important aspect of your training. 

The gym can also be a welcome change in scenery, especially in the winter months. Running in the cold is a whole other beast, so the gym can be a much warmer alternative for your training location. 

The bitter cold should not put you off all of the time! We’ve got some great tips for running in the cold!

4. Rest and Reward

Keeping fit and healthy isn’t about being constantly active. If you feel yourself sliding backwards away from your targets and goals, there is absolutely no harm in taking a day or two off from your training. 

Rewarding yourself is also important. If you’re new to the running scene and taking on a 10k is a bigger task than it might be for someone who has been running for years, then give yourself a pat on the back or a bonus when you’re smashing your targets.

This is arguably one of the most important tips for running 10k, so we recommend keeping it in the front of your mind!

5. Race Runs (If You’re Ready) 

Once you start to really smash your targets, you can look forward to the next step. You’ve been working hard to nail your targets and now it’s time to try race runs.

Race runs are basically putting yourself in the mindset that you’re racing. This is so you can see how you would do when it comes down to the nitty gritty. It’s a great way of showcasing your progress. 

It must be said, only do a race run when you’re feeling confident enough.

6. Sign Up to a Race For Extra Motivation!

If your training is going well, you feel yourself getting stronger and quicker and our tips for running 10k are working, then why not put it all to the test and sign up for a race? Here at EtchRock, we have a huge amount of incredible events suitable for all levels of runners. 

We believe having a race event as a target is the best one you can have. It keeps a clear goal in your mind, which will have physical and mental rewards and benefits for you. With the vast amount of running events we have, you can find one that suits your training schedule. 

A 10k running event is the perfect gateway into more extreme events, so you never know what you’ll be inspired to do next unless you get your foot in that door!

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