How to run faster

Tips on How To Run Faster

Bertie Lange-Hewlett

Want to know how to run faster? Check out our top tips below to help you smash your PB!

Develop Your Training

Developing your training is an absolute must if you want to improve your running pace and times. There are lots of options for you to choose from when developing your training plan. 

One example, is keeping your normal routine but increasing the intensity. Try to push yourself a little bit more every run. It could be incorporating a sprint finish to the end of your run, or just trying to go the extra distance. Increase your intensity and you’ll see yourself running faster, and maybe even further than you did before.

Interval Training

Interval training is a proven method of training which is popular with runners looking to increase fitness and boost their speed. Training your cardiovascular system both aerobically and anaerobically has huge benefits to your fitness.

You might be wondering what interval training is. Well, interval training is a mix of low intensity and high intensity running periods.

For example, a 30 second sprint followed by a minute light jog (and repeated).

This will train your body to maintain high intensity for longer, as well as allow you to maintain some sort of intensity after your sprint. Interval training teaches you to keep moving. Being able to keep on the move will knock seconds off your time. You’ll feel like you’re really smashing your targets. 

Interval training pairs well with hill sprints, so find a sizable hill and give it a go! If you’re feeling confident after the hill sprints, check out Always Aim High’s World’s Steepest Street Run for a proper challenge.

How to run faster

Weight Training

Weight training, paired with other methods of training is an ideal way to start running faster. Getting into the gym, or using your home weights can increase strength and form. Working your legs and core will help you with your running, even if it doesn’t seem too relevant when you’re actually doing it. 

It’s also important because using weights can reduce injury risks. Nothing can sideline you to the extent an injury can. What nobody wants, is when you’re making lots of progress and running well, to be hit with an injury and be out of the game. This means that your progress will diminish, especially if it’s a serious injury and you’re out for a while. And let’s not forget, injuries hurt!

Squats and lunges are a good place to start. Building muscle in the legs speaks for itself really and you don’t want to be skipping leg day. Strengthening the body can also improve form. Improving form means exerting less energy when running, allowing for you to run quicker and for longer. 

How to run faster

With both interval training and weight training, it is imperative that you stretch before and after. Keeping the muscles nice and loose avoids injury and means you remain on course. 


Listen to your body! 

If your body is telling you to rest, then rest! Your progress will only be hindered if you continue to push a very tired body. Not only will your speed and time slow down, but you heighten your chances of injury. 

One rest day a week can suffice, but again, listen to your body and make sure you feel like you’re getting enough downtime. Rest days can also boost the mental aspect of running faster. Having a day or two off from running can keep you focused on the days you do run.

Making a Plan and Keeping Motivated

Routine routine routine. This may seem obvious, but plan your week of running in advance and stick to those plans. At the end of the day, you’re in charge of your routine as you know your body and weekly plans the best, but don’t forget to include a rest day or two to maximise development. 

Tracking progression will also help keep you motivated. Motivation is absolutely key to improving your running speed. Seeing yourself getting quicker will only spur you on and keep you focused.

Sign Up To Races

If you’re a competitive person, then a way to run faster could be having something to run for. Competitions and races are a great way to push yourself. Many people find that in the competitive setting, they actually run faster. 

Here at EtchRock, we have a bucket load of running events. Check out the ones near you and push your running game to the next level!

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