UK's ultimate triathlon

The UK’s Ultimate Triathlon

Bertie Lange-Hewlett
SUPBIKERUN’S unique take on the traditional triathlon.
Fancy something different from your normal triathlon? Put off by the swim? Read below to find out about the UK’s Ultimate Triathlon and how it could be the perfect fit for you!

What Is It?

SUPBIKERUN, also known as the ultimate triathlon is a perfect fit for you if you love the idea of a triathlon, but the swim aspect doesn’t float your boat. That’s where the stand up paddleboarding comes in. This isn’t the only transition… The event consists of mountain biking, road cycling and trail running too.

Fear not, SUPBIKERUN is not your traditional triathlon with a heavy focus on finish times, it’s organised to be a fun filled weekend.

What It’s Like?

Events organised by SUPBIKERUN are more than just triathlons, they’re a weekend event jam-packed with lots to do. The organisers actively encourage you to bring your family and friends along to watch and really make a weekend of the whole event. 

Camping is encouraged too because the event is over the whole weekend. Saturday is for SUP tuition, then you race on Sunday. Saturday is solely for getting comfortable with your board, learning the craft, or even expanding your knowledge of paddle boarding to incorporate yoga… yes, yoga on your paddleboard! Whatever you choose is included with your ticket!

Food is great too. With top notch catering facilities at each of the triathlon locations, all can be catered for. The event also has information on the best local places nearby.

UK's ultimate triathlon

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

Stand up paddleboarding within the ultimate triathlon is the perfect way to combat the ‘swim’ without swimming (unless you fall in!). The distance can be friendly, but you can opt to go for longer distances. 

If the idea of paddleboarding is equally as unnerving, do not worry, as SUPBIKERUN offer free SUP tuition included in your ticket price. If you’re worried about your current level of stand up paddleboarding, there are tuition classes for beginners and those who are more experienced.

The paddleboard, like all stages, is split into two distances. For example you can choose 3km or 6km.

All types of paddleboards are welcome too! Check out the different types of paddleboards and their uses.

UK's ultimate triathlon

The Bike

Now, the biking aspect of this triathlon is perfect because they cater for both styles of biking. Traditionally it was only mountain biking that athletes could take part in, but SUPERBIKERUN have opened up to road biking too. The road route is slightly longer, but of course, you’re on the road. 

An example of distances for mountain bike routes is 18km or 36km.

An example of distances for road bike routes is 20km or 40km.

Check out below some of the pictures from one of their events, and see for yourself how remarkable the setting is. So choose whichever cycling discipline suits you best and give the UK’s ultimate triathlon a go.

UK's ultimate triathlon

UK's ultimate triathlon

UK's ultimate triathlon
Isle Of Purbeck, Dorset – 2019

Trail Run

The trail runs, similar to the bike trails, are simply gorgeous. You really get to see the true beauty of the British countryside. The run is the final stage of this magnificent experience, but it definitely is not any less exciting than the previous two stages. 

An example of a run distance is 5km or 10km.

UK's ultimate triathlon

UK's ultimate triathlon
Isle Of Perbeck, Dorset – 2019

The transition between bike and the run can be slightly confusing, but we have some great tips here to help you out.

Where Are They?

Locations include – South Wales, Exmoor, Dorset, Lake district and more…

This is, for us, what makes the UK’s ultimate triathlon such an amazing experience. The locations of these events are in the UK, at some really stunning places.

All three areas of the triathlon find themselves in beautiful settings because of the nature of each individual sport. The mountain bike stage takes you down some picturesque trails through the countryside, as does the running stage. The stand up paddleboard stage is set on some of the breathtaking lakes around the UK.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy, check out SUPBIKERUN’s ‘Find an Event’ page.

Signing up to SUPBIKERUN has more to it than just the ticket for the race. As mentioned before, you’ll get the tuition free too, as well as a finishers medal and a SUPBIKERUN tech-tee.

Check out the SUPBIKERUN trailer here!

UK's ultimate triathlon
An example of a finishers medal from a SUPBIKERUN event.

Keep an eye out on EtchRock and SUPBIKERUN websites, as there are big plans for future locations and not just in the UK!

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