Your First OCR – What Should I Pack?

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Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has become increasingly popular all over the world. It allows both experienced and beginner athletes to test their fitness levels against man made and natural obstacles that have been put together to produce a course. In this short blog piece we have pointed out a couple must have items for first time OCR runners!

Basic Kit and Shoes

This might seem obvious but the most important thing to pack in your bag for race day is what you’re going to be running in! Make sure you pack a good racing shoe, as a pair of converse just won’t cut it! We find trail shoes are a good fit! Cotton clothing is also a no go, as this can get heavy when wet and pretty uncomfortable. Try wearing a performance top. When choosing your socks also steer clear of cotton instead opt for a wool-blend, as this will soak up water far less than their cotton cousins.


Once you have completed your gruelling challenge the first thing you are going to want to do is grab some water (or other liquid refreshment!). There aren’t many better feelings than washing away all that mud and dirt so be sure to bring a towel with you to the event. Many races now have shower facilities (even if basic) and are something you should definitely take advantage of! If showers aren’t available at your race then we recommend baby wipes. It will be a long drive home if you are still soaking wet!

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Change of Clothing

However important it is to get the correct racing gear, it is equally important to be sure to pack a change of clothing for the end of the race! Staying in your wet and muddy clothing for the long drive home is definitely something you don’t want to do following a hard challenge! Be sure to pack a spare set of underwear and socks as well! Unless you enjoy going commando!

Plastic bag

Be sure to have a plastic bag or bin bag to be able to keep all your wet and muddy gear separate from all your clean stuff in your bag. No one likes mixing their clean and dirty clothes, so make sure you have a large enough bag to throw all your wet/dirty gear in! Be sure to wash them as soon as you get home otherwise the stench may stay for a long time! This includes your trainers too!


Don’t forget to bring hard cold cash! The majority of these races are in a field in the middle of nowhere! And as such their card payment capabilities may be extremely limited. For everything from parking, bag check to the hot pie and beer you want, cash is key! We would recommend about £30 just to be sure. You’re going to need that hot pie…

So now you have an idea about what you need to bring for your first event, next time in the EtchRock blog we will discuss how your training needs to differ for OCR! Create an account for free at and start logging your training towards your next OCR event!

Why not let us know about your OCR experience? Have you got a OCR event coming up? We’d love to hear from you!

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