10 things to know before dating a runner

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10 tips on dating a runner

So you’ve got your first date coming up and you know that you’re going to be dating a runner. Great choice, a brilliant start to 2017 if I do say so myself. But before you go, there are a couple of things that you should know about dating a runner. Don’t worry, EtchRock are here to help you navigate the nuances of what promises to be an exciting encounter!

We are suckers for pain

‘No pain, no gain’ couldn’t be more relevant to a runner. We have a special relationship with pain, we don’t just deal with it, we seek it out. There’s a certain feeling of euphoria that can’t be replicated when you hit ‘the wall’ and power on through it.

To me, pain is a right of passage. Pushing through barriers that I previously thought were impossible. Can I endure? Can I push through? Of course I can. Just don’t expect me to slow down for your slow ass when I’m in the zone.

We love carbs… or any food for that matter

If you were expecting to take a runner out for dinner and order a salad and a glass of water, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. According to The American College of Sports Medicine, someone that is training for a marathon should be consuming 2-3 grams of carbohydrates for every pound they weigh.

That’s a hell of a lot of food…So bring your credit card for the first date, it’s going to be a big bill.


The devil wears Prada…Or Asics…Or possibly Nike

A runners shoe closet may potentially match the numbers of your favorite Sex and the City character. The difference? We make damn good use out of those shoes! Personally, I have a different pair for every possible scenario. Road running, trail running, deep tread, sprinting, cleats for winter, the list goes on. Did I mention that these get traded in for a newer model every 8 months or so?

If you’re looking for the best of the best, check out this guide from Runners World about the best winter running shoes of 2016.

So don’t ask why I need so many different pairs, otherwise, you can put a pair on yourself and make a speedy exit out the door!

It’s all about the bass

No, I’m not a raver but yes, I do need my music to have a high BPM. This has a practical application too, I swear! Christine Luff from Run for Good explains, “The most efficient runners have a high stride turnover — about 180 steps per minute. To help achieve that 180 steps per minute, some runners like to run with music that has 180 beats per minute (BPM) so their stride is in sync with the music.”

Check out this article on Very Well that gives you list of songs at 180 BPM in every genre to get that stride rate up.


Lycra is back for good

Lycra and spandex are among the mainstays of any runner’s closet. You can guarantee that there will be some bright, dazzling colors too.

But our gear also has many practical purposes, which is especially important in the winter months. Every layer of gear has been meticulously planned to maximize not only our performance but also our safety.

So if I’m wearing a bright orange, reflective jacket, it’s not because I’m a poser and want to show off, it’s because it will keep me safe when road running. And maybe because I’m a bit of a poser…

When your playlist is life

You may find that your new love interest spends a lot of time on Spotify adjusting the same old playlist. This is for good reason. We are trying to find out where ‘Eye of the Tiger’ would be best placed on it.

Personally, I know that I’m going to start hitting the wall around the 40-minute mark. So I plan my playlist accordingly and put all my upbeat and uplifting music around that mark.

‘We are the champions’ is a must for any home stretch.

If we missed our run, steer clear 

Possibly the most important fact to know when dating a runner, if they missed their run, you’d be best advised to stay away.

We know that taking a day off our training plan won’t mean the end of the world, but we won’t act like it though…We will most likely present a scenario where the sky is falling and we’ll never be able to get back on track and all our hard work is lost.

A bit of advice, don’t try and convince us otherwise. Just tell us to get off our ass and go for a run. I promise I’ll be in a much better mood when I return.


Medals are worth more than their weight in gold

A medal to a runner is symbolic. It’s a reminder of the all the hard work, early morning, pain-enduring runs that we had to go through to get this piece of metal. It’s a piece of nostalgia.

As I look through each of the medals on my wall, I could tell you stories from each race, each training session that went along with it. It’s a reminder that we have persevered, conquered and progressed.

So don’t tell me that my medal hanger is getting too cluttered. They actually mean something. You want more space? How about we throw out the 20 photos of your stupid cat and see how you like it.

If it wasn’t recorded on my Garmin, it never happened

Running and technology have now become synonymous. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went running without my Garmin or Strava app.

So if it, or my phone runs out of battery on our first ever run together, don’t be surprised when I have a mini meltdown. I mean, how else am I meant to prove to all my buddies that I just broke a PB?

Solution? Just download Strava in advance and you can be the contingency plan. Be the knight in shining armor. Not the scrooge worrying about how much data you have left on your plan.

Breaking a PB is cause for celebration

You know how long I’ve been training to run a sub 3-hour marathon? Well, guess what, I just did it! Editors note* This is your cue to be over the moon and start gushing praise.

Years of hard work, goal setting and training have led to this very moment. Don’t be the guy to rain on their parade…For any serious runner, this moment will live on forever in their memory. Just make sure you’re a positive impact on that memory, not the one who ruined it. Otherwise, you may find yourself waking up in a hospital, with a marathon medal lodged in your brain.


After reading this, you may think that dating a runner would be the last thing that you should be interested in. Let me be clear, this article is purely in jest. Whilst we can’t vouch for everyone, 99.999999% of runners would make the perfect life partner. I’m sure every runner would agree.

Have we missed anything out? Let us know your reasons in the comments below!