I was born in Harare in Zimbabwe. I used to run around in the bush stalking, playing and adventuring. That sense of adventure has been with me always and gives me strength as I have chosen at times a difficult lifestyle that I feel is rewarding and I believe worthwhile. As a young man I served in the Military as a Soldier and for the last 20+ years I have worked as a Locum Operating Theatre Practitioner within hospitals. Some other skills I have are that I am Polar, Jungle and Mountain Medic trained and I use these skills for Adventure and Extreme Endurance Expeditions. With my experiences in work and life and with a close friend of mine tragically dying, this acting as a catalyst, I founded ‘I Can and I Will’ and began my recent journey.

In both of my careers, I have been inspired by how people deal with their sufferings, showing such tremendous attitudes of “I Can and I Will”. This sticks to your very core! 
With these experiences in work and life and with a close friend of mine tragically dying, this acted as a catalyst and in 2014 I founded ‘I Can and I Will’ An initiative to aid those most in need by doing extreme endurance events globally. 

In 2016 I became the first person in history to successfully run a Double 'Back to Back' Marathons Des Sables. ( Known as the Toughest 7 day Ultra race in the world)

Simply I aim to do something I love, to embark head on with journeys that often present me with extreme physical and emotional tests. I love to push myself beyond my boundaries and try to improve. I love to create and build new experiences and give my all to full fill them. If I fail, I will fight to learn from that and aim to improve and move on.

My mission is to bring awareness about the critical need for people to ACT and join the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Registers. Registering is a simple and selfless act that can actually save someone's life.

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