EtchRock for Charities

Raise more money, grow your charity & connect with the Active World.

Raise More

Discover new ways to raise more and allow our community & event partners to help with your cause.

Connect More

Allow our community to engage with your charity, connect with our event partners and connect with the active world.

Evolving Tech

Our continued investment and innovation gives you full control, visibility and a reliable platform which is continuously evolving to provide you with the best service we can.


Fundraising Pages

Allow our community to create fundraising pages for your charity. These can be tailored with your artwork and charity story, helping spread your message.


Campaign Pages

Create a campaign page for a specific project and allow for donations as well as fundraisers to help promote and raise more towards your projects.


Insights & Reporting

We strive to give you the best at a glance visibility of how your charity is performing as well as detailed insights & reporting.