Hi, my names Nick, I’m a British Endurance Athlete, Ultra Runner, Motivational Speaker, and Adventure.
In simple terms I believe in leaving a legacy; a legacy that we all have an opportunity to leave the world better than we found it. If I’m lucky enough to get to the point in life when I’m old and grey, chatting with my grandchildren I want to know I’ve explored every inch of the planet. I want to have exhausted every ounce of my potential, challenged myself beyond what is comprehendible and leave the planet knowing I did everything in my power to make the best use of my time; to love, to work hard, and to spend as little time as possible in the so-called comfort zone.
I believe that it’s the crazy things, the things that no one is doing, and the things that we’re afraid to do… which are in fact exactly that which leaves a positive mark on the world.

By living like this I’ll hopefully be able to inspire the minds of the future and delivery the message that we can all do our bit, and that’s it’ ok to fail sometimes, and that we should all be grateful for today. Tomorrow is a maybe, today is a privilege, let’s go make the most it.


Nick Butter Running The World 196 from Nick Butter on Vimeo.



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