My name is Gus I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I currently live in Southampton.  I’m normal in that I like my sport and friends.  However I’m unusual about the way I go about things, this has led me to become a Get Outdoors champion for Ordnance Survey
Being born with a disability was not my first and only challenge.   I survived repeated assault and attempted murder from the ages over 7-11.  It left me with physical scars and took a long time to face.
I gained confidence by getting to play American Football.  Getting involved had a dramatic effect on my academic performance.  Raising me from the bottom to the top quarter academically.
Eventually, I decided to give dealing with my abuse ago under the guise of starting a hand at university.  In my first year, I was told that one of my older brothers was terminally ill.  I was told that I had the condition also, 11 years later that was revealed to be a clerical error.  I worked up to getting a scholarship from Southampton University for an MSC.  On that journey to gaining my MSC, I lost not only my brother but my father died suddenly too, pushing my challenge further.  Four years after they both passed away my mum lost a short battle with ovarian cancer.
All these personal challenges pushed me on to achieving a lot for others, I have gone on to complete various challenges including 99,000 miles rowed/cycled on the Red Funnel ferries, row around the Isle of Wight, 11 marathons, two world records on the rowing machine and a Mont Blanc Trek. I have a number of challenges in store for 2017 including a Trek through Borneo.  I have been fundraising for charities for a long time.  In 2017 I will be fundraising for Weldmar hospice and raising awareness of the benefits of getting outside to mental health.


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