Wild Swimming Brothers - The Hudsons


We are three brothers from Cumbria, England, little brother Jack 24, middle brother Calum 26 and big brother Robbie 29. We grew up in a small village in the Lake District and spent our childhood diving into lakes, leaping off rock stacks into rivers and kayaking down streams to find hidden islands. These days we all live apart, Jack in Newcastle, Calum in London, Robbie in Berlin, but we come together on wild swimming adventures. We swim to promote conservation, motivate people to embark on their first wild swim and to get closer to the natural world. Over the years we’ve swam together off the Princes Islands of Turkey, bathed in mountain springs in the Himalayas and dived into the palace pools of Indian Maharajas. Apart we’ve swam in 6 continents, from the waterways of Venezuela to the crater lakes of Guatemala, from the vast sandy beaches of Australia to the dense jungles of Indonesia. Our recent expedition in 2015 saw us swim across the 3rd biggest whirlpool in the world, The Corryvreckan off the coast of Scotland and later last year we become the first people ever to swim the 90 mile River Eden from source to sea on our 'Swim the Eden' journey.

In our latest expedition, we created a challenge called "Into the Maelstrom". This is a world first attempt to swim across the two biggest whirlpools in the world, The Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen. Swirling violently off the coast of Norway, patrolled by pods of Killer Whales, above the Arctic Circle and on the edge of the Lofoten Islands these two vast vortexes are the strongest and fastest tidal currents in the world and was our biggest challenge yet.


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