30 Nov 2016

Why your Facebook ads aren’t working

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5 reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working


You need to be running Facebook ads when you promote your event online. You know it, we know it, we all know it. Their diverse targeting options are (arguably) only second to Google and give advertisers numerous ways of getting people to interact with their brand.


When used properly, Facebook ads can create sales, direct traffic and collect data for your event. But what about when you aren’t getting a good return on your investment? Does that mean you should jump ship?


Not just yet! In this post, we look at 5 reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working and how to tweak your strategy.

Get creative

There are a ton of creative options available to advertisers when it comes to using Facebook ads, so why not use them?


With more brands on Facebook than ever, it’s important to try new ways to make your ad stand out from the rest. Although you can’t see it in this image, ‘Think’ has used Facebook’s 360 video tool to give their ad an interactive element. Using this feature allowed them to have a hard-hitting ad that has half as many shares as it does likes.


Facebook ads


If you have great visuals from your event, use them in new ways to create Facebook ads.

Too targeted

You can segment and target your desired audience to the Nth degree using Facebook ads, but this isn’t always best practice. By adding too many metrics to target, you reduce the size of your audience and can drive up the cost of your campaign.


As an event marketer, geo-targeting will always be one of your most essential features that cannot be ignored. Just make sure that when combining location targeting with those of behaviours & interests, you don’t get too carried away. Keep your main focus on the location of your event. Keep the interests and behaviours as broad as possible.

You need a better call to action

Having a good call to action should be nothing new to event marketers and this certainly is no different for Facebook ads.


You need to be catching the reader’s attention with this statement so that they potentially engage with your ad.


Put yourself in your reader’s shoes, what would make you stop and read more about a specific ad? Would a discount offer for an event that you love have an impact? What about an announcement for a brand new event?


Topgolf go straight in with their CTA on their Facebook ad below in the form of an offer supplemented by a promotional video. Their no-nonsense style of advertising means the user doesn’t have to scroll through text to find the offer. The results? Not only has it been shared multiple times, but they people are also tagging their friends in the ad to further its reach.


Facebook ads


Don’t beat around the bush when writing a CTA for your Facebook ad. If it’s a discount or promotion, get in there right away to catch the users attention.

Keep track

Whilst keeping tabs on what is going on in the analytics department of your Facebook ads campaign sounds like enough work, you need to track the ads themselves too.


People often leave questions on the ads that require answering if they are to reach their full potential. Make sure you stay on top of this because if you don’t, it can have a negative effect.


With brands being rewarded for response rate on Facebook, users are accustomed to having their questions answered promptly. Make sure you keep up with the competition!


facebook ads

Get more fans

If you running a new event, sometimes it’s more important to have a bit of brand awareness first. Creating Facebook ads with a purpose for gathering likes may not great in immediate ROI, in the long term it will pay off.


If you are regularly updating your event’s Facebook feed, then consider it an investment into a longer term, content strategy.


Build your awareness and authority amongst new fans and then target them later with more sales oriented posts. Salesmen hate cold leads, exposing people to your brand only makes them a little warmer.


If you are new to using Facebook ads, you will probably experience a lot of highs and lows. What you ‘think’ should work, in practise, actually doesn’t. Just make sure you learn from your mistake, constantly refine your strategy and always look to optimise your campaigns.


Once you are onto a winning formula, test new ways in which you can improve. The better your Facebook ads are, the cheaper they get.


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