Big Bear Events
Big Bear Events

Welcome to Big Bear Events! We’re a small race organisation that tries to put on awesome events in stunning locations with a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. We’re growing each year, from 6 events in our 1st year to over 25 in our 3rd. We now have 6 hour events, 10K’s, a 40 mile ultra and our Trails, Tales and Ales series with more ideas in the works too.

We’re ever so lucky that we have been supported by a great group of volunteers and participants from day 1. Try as we might, if grumpy runners or unhelpful volunteers turned up our events would be nothing like they are today. We are indebted to our volunteers and runners. We like to think we put on some unique events. Some might baulk at the idea of running laps for 6 hours, but as we like to say, “there are laps, and there are laps!”. The events are great for those looking to do long training runs, push themselves to run further than before of those that don’t want to be at the back of a race with the road sweepers – that will never happen at our events!

We’re incredibly proud to be multiple award winners with Racecheck, picking up Best Off-Road event in 2019 among other awards. These are really special as they are based off our runners reviews. We can tell you our events are great, friendly and professional but it’s a lot more believable coming from a fellow entrants keyboard!

We’re always looking to improve and change things here at Big Bear Events. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do send them to us at

Now look at our events and book some up!

Big Bear Events Big Bear Events
Big Bear Events

Big Bear Events

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