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Fancy strapping up your laces and finding some of the best running events in 2020 - 2021?! Here you'll find everything from your local 5k run to some spectacular ultramarathons, and everything in between! Whatever type of distance or type of event you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Sunday 30th of October 2022
Brigg Poppy 10k & Military Challenge 2022
Virtual Challenge
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Friday 11th of November 2022
Caribbean Charity Run Jamaica 2022 (11th - 13th of November, 2022)
Virtual Challenge
Event By: VirtualRunners
Saturday 15th of October 2022
World Cop Charity Run 2022 (Oct 15th - Nov 13th, 2022)
Virtual Challenge
Event By: VirtualRunners
Thursday 17th of November 2022
Portugal Trail Weekend 2022
Event By: Running Adventures
Sunday 27th of November 2022
Doncaster 10k 2022
Virtual Challenge
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Thursday 1st of January 1970
Pop Up Running Adventures

Event By: Running Adventures
Saturday 19th of November 2022
Bath Skyline Races | 19th Nov (night race) & 20th Nov (day race) 2022
Sunday 11th of December 2022
Run for Wildlife Santa Safari 2022
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Sunday 18th of December 2022
The Great Sprout Scuttle, Candy Cane Canter & Rudolphs Revenge 2022!
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Monday 21st of November 2022
World Football Run 2022 (Nov 21st - Dec 18th)
Virtual Challenge
Event By: VirtualRunners
Saturday 7th of January 2023
Country to Capital Ultra 2023
Event By: GoBeyondSport
Sunday 22nd of January 2023
Dirt Run January 2023
Little Irchester
Event By: GoBeyondSport