Saturday 19th June 2021
at 09:00 (UTC +00:00) Europe/London

End: Saturday 10th July 2021
at 22:00 (UTC +00:00) Europe/London

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at 14:00 (UTC +00:00) Europe/London


About the event

NB: All proceeds will go towards RD&E's FORCE, (minus admin fee)

The Mission

Hal Jordan died in an explosion at the power station on the Haven Banks (now the Quay Climbing Centre). This was replaced by a museum where the Green Lantern ring was put on display, then later at the climbing centre, now the seat of the Emerald Universe (within the Green Circle or Dumnonia) and the catacomb of Hal’s body.

His spirit must be revived if the Lantern is to stand a chance of exerting its influence over chaos and fear, two weapons wielded by the marauding warlords of Trumponia, which is seeking to Govern Dumnonia, whose army is the Red Lantern Corps. You can only revive it by combining the powers from all four zones.

The Great O can be done in one go or over the course of three weeks starting on June 19th. You can go in either direction around the circle but you must complete at least one zone in one go. Choose a zone (or colour: red, yellow, blue, green) and simply send us proof of your run/walk via a Strava link or GPS.. You do not need to report back to base. You can also send us a selfie at the end of your final zone before you exit ‘The Great O.’ but to record a time and bag power points, you’ll need to download a PDF of our Mission, map, GPS and Big O poem. We’ll also send you these plus a what3words address for each zone.

The Great O (named after the challenge of running the Green Circle) is also the name of the poem sent to all runners beforehand, which will be your guide. 


The Emerald Universe was established as a last bastion of resistance to Trumponia and its defenders, The Green Lantern Corps have to rely on good communication and navigation to defy Trumponia’s warlords, who have disguised themselves and hid themselves among you. Their spies belong to the Red Lantern Corps. They only operate within the Red Zone. Their aim is to distract you from your task and slow you down. This is why you must tread carefully, while crossing roads.

The Guardians of The Emerald Universe the GLC have summoned the Runners of the Green Lantern to take their lanterns (the power of hope and willpower) to the gates of Trumponia. Each zone has a Trump tower, always with a wall around it. You should send a photo of the ‘tower’ to prove you have penetrated its defence, to the Ring Leaders (back at base). Send to: Enter this number into your phone: 07773560335.

The Runners, should also recognise the weapons of their enemy as the yellow beam, which incarnates the pernicious destruction of clarity, wizdom and vision. All vehicles with yellow beams and ‘trail beams’ (on or next to the track) must be avoided. 

All Runners must identify themselves and the name of their individual Units (family name or house bubble) by Registering. If you step within two meters of another Unit, your power will drain and your mission will be aborted. This is not a joke. It is punishable by sentence of exile.

Green Lanterns who are hoping to complete the whole of the Great O, only have five hours to complete their mission before their power drains. Power Boosts are provided by beating certain segment times within each zone. These segments will be marked on your map and will be based on What3words. At the end of each segment, you should record your run on Strava, or can locate your position on the map and cross reference it against a line in ‘The Great O’ (poem- given to all runners), and text it or email it back to base where your Ring Leaders will record it.** 

Humans have become subdued by the power of Trumponia and their egocentric warlords, wielding the yellow lantern, which harnesses fear instead of willpower to motivate human’s behaviours. This fear has spread to other parts of the Emerald Circle in all four zones (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green). The Green Lanterns are able to subdue this negative emotion and turn it into something positive by using imagination and willpower and completing certain tasks in each sensory zone.

The Red Lantern Corps are operating within the GLC. You must avoid them at all costs. These can be found in certain segments, which will be outlined in your race briefing (delivered electronically before the event). You will know when the RLC have struck, as they will #CENSOR# your willpower, strength and determination. For a minority of runners, this will mean they cannot carry on. Some RLC will be disguised as vehicular traffic.

The Emerald Circle is divided into four zones, RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN, each with its own emotional spectrum and senses.  Do not linger in a segment, even if you are walking, because RLC are known to operate here. Segments can be anything from 400m to 1000m. Use the What 3 Words address (see below) for each zone. You can download the what3words app on to your phone, which is free.

NB: Green Lantern Corps runners can if you choose, dress in green or as one of your ’friends’, the so-called superheroes. Outside the Emerald Universe, these ‘costumes’ are meaningless, but inside it, they confer special powers. You are all fighting for the same cause. Anyone wearing one such costume will have five minutes deducted from their finishing time. You will need to send a photo of this, as confirmation to HQ at 07773560335.

All completers will receive a power boosting medal, once evidence of completion has been received.

**S refers to the number Stanza or verse. ie S4 is Stanza 4. L refers to the line. 

For example L29 is line 29. Put a mark against these points using S and L, then send it to us at, or screenshot it to 07773560335. Every correct answer gets a minute deducted from your finishing time.

Red Zone (Sight)

(Exe Street to Polsoe Bridge: 4.8 miles)

NB: If you cross through all four valleys, you will unite the colours of the ring.

Yellow Zone (Timing)

(Polsoe bridge to the end of Ludwell Valley: 2.2 miles)

Blue Zone (Touch)

(End of Ludwell Valley to the A377/A30- end of Ide Lane: 2.8 miles)

Green Zone (Sound)

(A377 to Haven Banks: 4.3 miles)

What 3 words:






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