The Salmon Run (free to enter)

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The Salmon Run (free to enter)

Exmouth Marina Car Park, Exmouth, UK


Sunday 25th September 2022
at 08:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Sunday 25th September 2022
at 17:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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About the event

Salmon Run is a free to enter community relay run of 50 miles (80 km) in 8 sections run over the course of one day from the coast at the mouth of the estuary to the high reaches of Exmoor following the migration of Atlantic Salmon from sea through the city of Exeter to the spawning ground. During the run, runners will pass hand to hand a printed salmon ‘icon’ all the way from the sea at Exmouth to Tarr Steps in Exmoor.  This follows the Exe Valley Way and a short section of the Two Moors Way.

Choose a section/leg that you would like to run:
There are two sections for short distance runners in Exeter’s Valley Park (3km and 1.5km) (you don't need to be part of a team and can enter solo on this ticket)

There are six sections for longer-distance running teams of four (+1 reserve runner) along other parts of the route (in 6km-16km sections)

If you are an individual runner and would like us to make up a team for you on the longer sections outside of Exeter please get in touch with Ceri on 

People are welcome to come along and support runners anywhere along the route or find out more about salmon on the Exe at pop-up info points in Exeter.
All runners have to register individually or be registered (including children).

The Atlantic salmon is a keystone migratory species and indicator of the health of our seas and rivers.  The story of the salmon also tells us about climate change, changing water temperatures in seas and rivers, water flow, water quality and weirs which can impede the movement of the salmon up and down the river. Across the world the populations of Salmon are down 70%. We want to honour these remarkable creatures and run with the salmon!


NB: You can also enter leg 2 and 3 from Salmon Pool to Exwick, which is approximately three miles.

Stage 2- Salmon Pool (Exeter) to Blackaller Weir (Exeter) (2 miles)

(meet at Salmon Pool/details will be sent to you. You'll need to make your own way back to the start).

Stage 3- Blackaller Weir (Exeter) to Exwick.(Exeter) ( 1 mile)

(meet at Blackaller Weir/details will be sent to you. You'll need to make your own way back to the start).

Salmon Run has  two shorter runs in Exeter’s Riverside Valley Park for up to 50 people per section/leg:

Salmon Pool Weir to Blackaller Weir (Mill on the Exe) in the RiversideValley Park, Exeter (distance: 1.9 miles/3.2km ). This will be run at a slow/medium pace with runners arriving as a shoal to hand over to the next stage.


Blackaller Weir (Mill on the Exe) to Exwick Mill Field (behind Exeter St David’s station) in the Riverside Valley Park (distance: 0.9 miles/1.5km )  This will be run at a slow/medium pace with runners arriving as a shoal to hand over to the next stage.

Salmon Pool Weir and Blackaller Weir will have information points where you can learn about these amazing creatures, their history and how we can support them to flourish in our river from scientists, fish experts, historians and researchers from RAMM, University of Exeter and West Country Rivers Trust.

These runs are suitable for couch to 5km, families, runners with disabilities, running parents with buggies etc. Visitors are welcome to come along, find out more and wave us on! When you reach the end of your run there will be a celebratory moment to mark the handing over to the next set of runners. You are also welcome to wear Salmon attire!


If you are an experienced runner you can  form a ‘school’ of 4+1 (reserve runner) who run at a similar pace (medium to fast) and choose one of the sections to run along.  We will share a route briefing with you and your team will all need to commit to running the whole section together as part of the relay.   At each handover point there will be stewards to offer you refreshments and we will help organise your transport back home. You can enter as an individual and we will add you to make up a team with others. In both cases tell us what section you want to run. Sections outside Exeter vary between 6 and 16km and terrain varies too.


We welcome everyone to come along and be part of this event as a runner, supporter or steward.  We need Salmon Run stewards at various points on the route particularly in Exeter . If you live near Thorverton, Tiverton, Bickleigh, Exebridge and Tarr Steps you may also want to support the run in these locations. Please get in touch if you are interested in stewarding :

Outside Exeter

Stage 1- Exmouth Pier to Salmon Pool Weir, Riverside Valley Park, Exeter  (10 miles)

Exeter (Riverside Valley Park)

NB: You can also enter leg 2 and 3 from Salmon Pool to Exwick, which is approximately three miles.

Stage 2- Salmon Pool Weir, Exeter to Blackaller Weir, Exeter (2 miles)

Stage 3- Blackaller Weir, Exeter to Exwick, Exeter ( 1 mile)

Outside Exeter

Stage 4- Exwick, Exeter to Thorverton. ( 8 miles)

Stage 5- Thorverton to Bickleigh  (4 miles) 

Stage 6-Bickleigh to Tiverton (4.5 miles)

Stage 7-Tiverton to Exebridge (10 miles))

Stage 8-Exebridge to Tarr Steps  (10 miles)

Frequently asked questions

I want to take part  - how do i register and what does it cost?

This event is free. We want as many people as possible to know about and celebrate these remarkable creatures together and enjoy running together and we don’t want cost to be a barrier to participating.  To register you need to fill out the form with your details. Every person who is running needs to fill out the form or have it filled our for them with all their details.

We do ask that you do your best to travel to and from the Salmon Run by public transport, on foot or bike. We want to try and keep the carbon footprint of this event as low as possible. Bus and train links are good along much of the run.  We are being supported by Co Cars for transporting some members of our event team.

What will happen after I register?

We will contact you and arrange for you to get route maps and timings for the section/leg that you select. You will get a race number. If you are forming a team of 4 (+1) to run any of the longer sections we will contact you to confirm team members (including reserve member) and your team name.  
It is important you let us know if you cannot come for any reason as we are restricting numbers to keep everyone safe and everyone will get a race number. Please ask us any further questions to

What do I do when I turn up for the shorter runs?

Go to the registration point where you will get your race number. There will be stewards on hand to answer any questions you have and also Salmon guides with expert knowledge on Salmon to share with you. Feel free to ask them anything!
For the run from Salmon Pool Weir to Blackaller Weir and Blackaller Weir to Exwick Mill Field you can leave your bag at the start point for a max of 2 hours.
We’ve built in some pause time between arrival and departure at SalmonPool Weir and Blackaller Weir so please be prepared to be flexible!

What happens next for longer run teams?
We will acknowledge your team entry, check all the info and then Ceri from Wild Running will get back to you with further info about your route and time of a briefing meeting to talk through any questions you have.

Is there an age limit?

Parents must run with their children (12 years old or less). If over 12, children can run independently but only for the short (Exeter sections). These sections will be well marked.

How will I know if the event is cancelled due to wet weather or other ?

An email will be sent round to all participants within 48 hours of the event, and posted on social media.

How will I know where the runners are and whether the team has made it?

You will be able to track the runners on Tidelines facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the course of the day. 

How will I or my team be allocated a section?

You can choose which section you or your team want to run. Sections outside Exeter will be allocated on a first come basis so if there is a section you want let us know if you have a team. There is a limit of 50 people for each of the two Exeter sections so we will have to close registration when this is filled. You don’t need to be a team for these sections.

How does transport for teams work?

Groups doing any of the runs outside Exeter should try to arrange their own transport. This could mean: one car with driver/4 runners and gear pick up a


Exmouth Marina Car Park, Exmouth, UK, EX8 1ET


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