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The Normanby Hall Adventure Race 2021

Normanby Hall, Normanby, Scunthorpe, UK


Sunday 23rd May 2021
at 09:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Sunday 23rd May 2021
at 14:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Ticket sales for this event close: 7th May 2021
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London


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About the event

*we've had a date change and will be using the reserve date of the 23rd May :) *

We admire your commitment!

Firstly, well done to signing up and committing to the Normanby Hall Adventure Race, 2020's event was amazing!

he event can be ran and raced, but it can also be walked/jogged with friends and we make sure nothing you need to climb over or wade through is above the waist making it nice and accessible.

We're Covid ready!

We know people want to keep doing the things they love, in a safe and fun environment! For 2021 we’re making a few changes to help make sure you get a great day out, whilst we may some restrictions on how we normally do things. It could be all 100% back to normal … but we’re planning for every eventuality.

It all requires your help, we will do everything within our control to provide a safe and fun environment … but we cant do that without you supporting us and been your usual amazing selfs on the day. So take an extra few mins to read the instructions, et us know any questions and of course we will be sending out bitesized in formation in the lead up to the event.

Book a time!, for 2021 we won’t be having for mass starts at the event. We have times throughout the day setting people off in small groups of up to 12, socially distanced and spaced out. Your feedback from our Covid safe September event is you actually preferred it! This means you have more space on the course and still be able to join your group of friends on the event. 

Reserve two dates!, yup that’s right we’ve booked a reserve date in early so we will now be moving to the 23rd of May 2021 :)

We’re looking after your tickets!, should we need to cancel the event … We will make sure you will always be able to a) move to a later event or any of our events b) obtain a refund. 


Normanby Hall, Normanby, Scunthorpe, UK, DN15 9HU


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