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Friday 11th September 2020
at 09:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Monday 30th November 2020
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Ticket sales for this event close: 30th November 2020
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London


About the event

5k, 10k, & half marathon - Run / walk in one activity by the end of November 

Marathon & Ultra (30 miles+) - Run / walk in one activity or cumulatively by the end of November 

Celebrate Autumn 2020! Firework night will soon be upon us and we love our Spinning Catherine Wheel.

"Like buds too wonderful to name,

Each miracle unfolds

And Catherine wheels begin to flame

Like whirling marigolds."

- John Morris (James) Reeves

This medal is bronze coloured metal with tiny autumn coloured leaves set in spiral pattern and the medal actually SPINS!  When spinning it resembles a catherine wheel.

Your medal ribbon will be printed with the distance you achieved. Ribbon colours below: 

5k - Yellow Ribbon (50mm medal)

10k - Orange Ribbon (60mm medal)

Half Marathon - Green Ribbon (60mm medal)

Marathon - Blue Ribbon (60mm medal)

Ultra - Purple Ribbon (60mm medal)

£10 including postage. 

Medals posted within 14 days of receiving submitted evidence.

How to submit evidence:

Record activity on Strava/Garmin/Runkeeper 

Log into your EtchRock account and find 'My Orders'

'Submit evidence' & input your activity link

Your results will show on a leader board where you can track your results with other participants on this challenge. This can be found here.

How to submit photo evidence

Find the training page here

'Add photo' & show us your distance! 

This SPINNING medal was originally used in 2019 as a finisher medal for our Autumn race at Thoresby Hall but have now created a new bespoke ribbon specifically for our virtual running events.



NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom