Monday 23rd May 2022
at 00:00 (UTC +08:00) Asia/Taipei

End: Wednesday 8th June 2022
at 00:00 (UTC +08:00) Asia/Taipei

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What is a virtual run?

You can complete a virtual run no matter where you are - your time, distance and ranking will all be saved online. Be part of an international, friendly community and earn your well-deserved medal!

How do challenges work?

Our challenges usually run over a longer period of time. Over the course of a year or month, you collect your kilometers and enter them into the running portal at the end of the challenge.

What time does the run start?

You choose your own start time. It is only important that it's the day of the event. The time and date of the time zone in which you are located always apply.

Can I walk or hike the distance?

Since the time in which you absolve a run only plays a role for the ranking, you are also welcome to walk or hike at our events!

I did not receive my order confirmation:

Shortly after your registration you will receive a confirmation - please note that the purchase of a shirt or other textiles does not imply a registration for an event. If you did not receive the Mail, please check your Spam folder and contact our support

When will I get access to my Runners Portal?

You will receive your access to the our portal at least 5 days before the event starts!

How can I track my distance?

You can use all available running apps for your distance recording, it is only important that distance & time are clearly visible. Runners are fair! We trust that all members of the community are honest and will not "wear someone else's jacket" and the results shown are what you actually achieved.

When do I get my certificate and medal?

After you uploaded a screenshot of your performance (screenshot of your app or running watch), we will send your medal to you immediately, your certificate will be available online at the same time. Please understand that some mail services may take a few days longer due to the current situation. Depending on where you live, it can take between 2 days and 4 weeks.

Will I get my medal if I haven't finished?

Unfortunately not. We are not a medal shop. It's like a normal competition. Only those who have finished will receive a medal. This is only fair to the other runners and goes along with the real runner spirit.

About the event


VirtualRunners is proud to support as a partner of Adidas Running the great adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans 2022 with this parallel event to fight the plastic flood and the pollution of the oceans.

With our event we also offer a variant with a UNIQUE MEDAL - a medal made of ECOLOGICAL MATERIAL (eco cardboard).


In order to make this charity run a great success, it is IMPORTANT that, besides the registration at VirtualRunners, you ALSO sign up with your adidas running app - OPEN FROM MAY 9-22, 2022 using this link

--> SIGN UP @ ADIDAS RUN FOR THE OCEANS from May 9th-22th, 2022



for every run tracked in the adidas Running App between May 23rd and June 8th, adidas and Parley will remove the equivalent of ten plastic bottles of plastic waste up to a maximum of 500,000 pounds from beaches and islands. So be sure to sign up in the adidas Running App!

By signing up for the VirtualRunners SAVE THE OCEANS event, WE WILL DONATE 20 CENT per kilometer run with us.

Here following distances are available:

∎ 3km

∎ 5km

∎ 10km

∎ Half Marathon

∎ Marathon


your personal running number (Bip number),

a certificate of participation to download,

and our unique SAVE THE OCEANS medal made of special eco-material.

You will receive all details about both events after registration by email.