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Tuesday 30th June 2020
at 18:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Monday 13th July 2020
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Ticket sales for this event close: 13th July 2020
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London


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About the event

Mission X is the brand new, virtual challenge from the Rocket Race team – and as always, it’s a challenge with a twist! Mission X will capture the spirit of Rocket Race and highlight just what it means to be a Rocketeer.

Places for this virtual challenge go on sale on Tuesday 30 June at 6pm – and there are only 100 spots up for grabs! Entry closes midnight on 12 July, and the first challenge of Mission X will then be released any time after entry closes!

From the point that entry closes, the Rocket Race team will release a series of 10 challenges any time between 13 July – 16 August. Rocketeers will then have 24hrs to complete the challenge and submit their evidence to the Mission X Facebook event page or by email to Complete all 10 challenges and submit your evidence, and you’ll receive a limited edition Mission X Medal and the brand new Rocket 5th anniversary Wrag!

But what are these challenges you ask? That information is classified but what we will say is – expect anything! Rocketeers run, they jump, they climb, they train, but they also think creatively, extend the hand of friendship, support their teammates and most of all – have an absolute blast! 

At the end of the day, being a Rocketeer is all about being able to give something a go - success doesn’t mean always achieving, but is the willingness to participate and push yourself to new goals. That’s exactly what these ten challenges will encompass and so we say trust in Rocket and take part in Mission X.


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