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Oxford Classic Mile

Meadow Ln, Oxford OX4 4BJ, UK


Sunday 6th September 2020
at 11:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Sunday 6th September 2020
at 14:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Ticket sales for this event close: 31st August 2020
at 12:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London
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About the event

The Oxford Classic Mile swim is between Donnington Bridge and Folly Bridge. 

1 Mile upstream open water Thames swim event set in the Heart of Oxford's dreaming spires. Finish in Christ Church Meadows, these spectacular famous grounds are deeply inspiring.

You will be supported all the way .Once out the water and on the grassy banks. Please celebrate your Open Water Classic Mile with the famous swim oxford cafe delights.

Looking forward to meeting you all on the day. 


Meadow Ln, Oxford OX4 4BJ, UK, OX4 4BL


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Oxford, United Kingdom