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Escape from Meriden Autumn 2018

Meriden, Coventry, United Kingdom


Friday 16th November 2018
at 23:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/Lisbon

End: Sunday 18th November 2018
at 00:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/Lisbon

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About the event

You’ve made it this far. So why not come a little further…

A Stone Cross stands in the centre of the England; in Meriden. It has stood for 500 years. 100 prisoners will gather around that cross, late into the night and you’ll wait for Midnight to come and go.  Then, the Crow will release you. Then, you must Escape from Meriden…

Use any route you dare, and run. Run as far away, and as fast as you can, for 24 hours (36 if entering the "chained" category), then the sands of time run out. The Crow will be watching all of the prisoners as they escape, using the miracle of Race Drone event tracking technology. The Crow will judge how far the shadows have run, and reward them. Make a feeble attempt to escape, and receive just paper. Venture further and claim silver. Further still and take Gold. If your flight takes you 90miles, then The Black Crow will be yours.  Be assured, few black crows will be claimed. Just two were claimed in 2016....

There is a little more to tell you. You can escape only on foot. The Crow knows how fast you travel You can attempt escape solo, either female or male If you are scared of the dark, you can escape as a pair You will be given no advice on where to run, or hide You make your own route. Use any means you wish to wayfind You can’t use private land or go anywhere illegal (motorways) Your route choice is at your own risk. We can only suggest very strongly indeed that you stay off roads that do not have pavements There are no checkpoints. Use your wit and guile to feed yourself.  Call for your mother if you must The Crow will keep an eye on you from afar It's not too late to turn back Interest in the event is considerable.

You can enter solo, or you can enter as a pair (if you fear the dark).  If you enter as a pair you must remain together at all times. You can also enter the Autumn edition as a Chained Pair, in association with Mark Cockbain events.

  • Solo (24 hour) cost a mere £34 each (+(+ Etchrock booking fee)
  • Pair (24 hour) Entries are £34 each  (+ Etchrock booking fee)
  • 36 hour Chained entries have their own separate Race Director from Cockbain Events, and is operated as a sub-event, part of The Chained Ultra. Entries cost £65 each (+ Etchrock booking fee) and entitles you to an additional Chained Medal for sucessful completion of 130 miles on the 36 hour event

What will my coin buy me? Entry into Escape From Meriden; an event unlike any other.

  • Tea/Coffee at Registrationin Meriden
  • Tyvek-style Orange jumpsuit (optional to wear but recommended and great fun!)
  • Prisoners will be electronically tagged with RaceDrones, so the crow and your supporters can watch (You will be tagged at registration. You must post it back after the event)
  • Event GPS Tracking A reward: Escape less than 30 miles, as the crow flies, and receive certificate recording your distance. 
  • Escape 30 miles, as the crow files to claim The Silver Crow medallion
  • Escape 60 miles, as the crow flies, to claim The Gold Crow medallion
  • Escape 90 miles, as the crow files to claim The Black Crow medallion
  • If "Chained" Escape 130 miles in total (not as the crow flies) to win a Chained 130 medal, as well as the applicable as the crow flies Meriden Medal.
  • Your  reward will be sent to you after the event
  • Trophies for; furthest flight Female, Furthest flight Male, Furthest Flight Pair, furthest Chained
  • The Crow's Spoon for "Most pathetic escape attempt"
  • Experienced Race Director from Beyond Marathon (Chained RD from Cockbain Events)

Refund Policy If you cancel a month before or more, you will lose £5. You can defer if you let us know more than 1 month before. No refund or defer within the last month before the event. You can sell your place and transfer in someone else at no cost.


Meriden, Coventry, United Kingdom