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Dart Swim Run

Blackpool Sands,


Saturday 22nd September 2018
at 09:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Saturday 22nd September 2018
at 18:30 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Ticket sales for this event close: 15th September 2018
at 09:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London


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About the event

The first River Dart Swim Run 2018, Date: Saturday September 22nd 

Swim Run Marathon: Five swim sections and five run sections (26 miles)

Swim Run Half Marathon: Three swim sections and three run sections (14.5 miles)

The River Dart Swim Run Route:

The River Dart Swim Run marathon is a truly unique linear adventure race, which will test your endurance, self reliance and for the teams taking part, your team ethic! It starts in the stunning surroundings of Blackpool Sands, near Dartmouth and finishes within a stone's throw of the historic Dartington Hall.

Swim Runners commence with a 750m swim within the bay at Blackpool Sands before heading towards Dartmouth via the South West Coast Path. SRs enter the water at the steps at Castle Cove and swim approximately 400m to Warfleet Creek, where you will exit and run to Blackness Marina via Mill Creek and Sir Walter Raleigh's magnificent forested estate.

The next swim stage is the longest (approximately 2.8km) and LONG course participants will be joined by SHORT course SRs from here on wards. You will exit at Ashprington Point and run to Sharpham Point, where SRs will swim to the Dart-Totnes Rowing Club (2.5km). Here you will exit and run along the footpath towards Dartington, skirting the River Dart.

SRs head round Dartington estate through North Woods in a clockwise direction, before heading up to the finish. The route will be marked using arrows and stickers and water proof maps will be issued to all participants. Run Swimmers will have the tide in your favour throughout and will be followed by our excellent 30 man water safety team in kayaks and rescue boats throughout. Four of the transition points will also double as refuel stations with food and drink.

NB: We will be issuing strict instruction about keeping a close line to the marker buoys, which will also be shared with the ferry operators. Anyone who repeatedly fails to heed this, will be disqualified from the event. This is for the swimmer’s own safety.

How will it work?

Swim Run LONG Course (approximately 20 miles)

Swim runners will compete in pairs or as solos.

This event starts from Blackpool Sands

Transition 1: Blackpool Sands

Transition 2: Castle Cove

Transition 3: Warfleet Creek

Transition 4: Blackness Marine

Transition 5: Ashprington Point

Transition 6: Sharpham North Quay

Transition 7: Dart-Totnes Rowing Club

Transition 8: Broadmarsh

Transition 9: The Weir, Totnes

Swim Run SHORT course (approximately 11.5 miles)

Swim runners will compete in pairs or as solos.

This event starts from Blackness Marine (buses will take you there from registration at Blackpool Sands)

Swim runners will compete in pairs or as solos.

Transition 1: Blackness Marine

Transition 2: Ashprington Point

Transition 3: Sharpham North Quay

Transition 4: Dart-Totnes Rowing Club

Transition 5: Broadmarsh

Transition 6: The Weir, 


Blackpool Sands,, TQ6 0RG


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