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Convergence 2021

Meriden, Coventry, United Kingdom


Saturday 22nd May 2021
at 12:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Sunday 23rd May 2021
at 00:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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About the event

Start from wherever you like. Guard the secret well. The further away from where you start, the higher your rank and the richer your reward. You will be watched....

The 2021 Convergence Point is: Meriden. The geographic centre of England! 

When: starts at Midday (you can start later if you wish) on May 22nd, ends 24 hours later 

** You can only finish between 8am at midday (the last 4 hours) at the convergence point. You can start, later, stop, rest and sleep, and carry on. As long as you finish between 8am and 12pm **

There is no wait list once the event fills.

You can enter solo, or you can enter as a pair (if you fear the dark). If you enter as a pair you must remain together at all times.

Individual entries for either 24 hour event cost a mere £38 each (+ £2.70 Eventbrite booking fee)

Pair entries are for either 24 hour event cost £76 per pair (+ Eventbrite’s booking fee)

There is no chained category for Convergence

You can also order an optional premium tech fabric t-shirt during the order process

What will my coin buy me?

Entry into Convergence; an event unlike any other

The event is made possible by use of a RaceDrone GPS Tracking device, so the crow can watch.

It will be posted to you a few days before the event.

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Event GPS Tracking

A reward:

30 miles to 59 miles – Silver. To see a shaded map of a 30 mile radius click here

60 miles to 89 miles – Gold. To see a shaded map of a 60 mile radius click here

Greater than 90 miles – Black. To see a shaded map of a 90 mile radius click here

You reward will be collected at the finish line

Trophies for; furthest flight Female, Furthest flight Male, Furthest Flight Pair

The Grand old Duke of York Award for “Most elevation gained”

Refund Policy

None refundable. You can privately sell, and then change the name of the participant to someone else if you wish within 14 days of the event. You can do this yourself on EtchRock


Meriden, Coventry, United Kingdom