Saturday 9th January 2021
at 06:00 (UTC +00:00) Europe/London

End: Sunday 17th January 2021
at 16:00 (UTC +00:00) Europe/London

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What's a Pop Up event?

We plan a route, mark it with signage, create a GPS tracked route for timing, test it and open the course for a period of 7 - 10 days. Events will Pop Up in different locations, often at short notice and for a week, they then disappear leaving no physical trace. Event information and general chit chat is shared via our Facebook Group. Nothing will ever be posted to you.. we are about low environmental impact, minimal disruption, being socially responsible and having fun on the trails. Our courses are marked, they are not marshalled, nor are there water stations, changing areas or welfare facilities (at the moment). The routes are self supported, and free to run or walk.

Do you have to pay to do a Pop Up event?

No. We plan to keep our Pop Up events free.

What distances are the Pop Up's?

We've marked routes starting from 5k up to 20k

What is the Strava leaderboard?

We currently use Strava to mark out the route, if you use Strava then when you run the Pop Up your time will be saved to the route leaderboard where you can compare your times with other participants.

How long are the routes marked out for?

We keep the signs on the route for 9 days, but the GPX file for the route is always available to run after the Pop Up has closed.

How do I get a GPX file of the route?

Currently we are saving these with Strava, just search for the Blended Trails Pop Up and then select the relevant event that you would like the file for. If you don't use Strava or can't find the file please join our Facebook Group where we share the files for downloading.

Where are Blended Trails based?

We are in Hampshire, UK and our Pop Up's and future events are across the County.

Is there a membership to pay to Blended Trails?

Great news folks.. we are free to join and it's free to run our Pop Up's. We are a new but growing community of runners that enjoy being out on the trails and we welcome new and seasoned runners of all abilities.

About the event

A Pop Up trail route ideal for all abilities, if you'd like to try trail running, or gain confidence on the trails this is a great route to explore.  A 5k route through rural countryside. 

Our Pop Up trail events are FREE, we have only two small asks in return for putting on these events.. 

- Please join our Blended Trails Facebook Group and follow us on Insta @blendedtrails and tag your photos with #blendedtrails

- Please spread the good word of Blended Trails to your friends



Upper Wield, SO24 9RT


Blended Trails

Medstead, United Kingdom