Saturday 4th June 2022
at 08:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

End: Saturday 11th June 2022
at 11:00 (UTC +01:00) Europe/London

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Albania is without question one of Europe’s hidden wonders. Ancient Roman history rubs shoulders with some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery you can imagine. Bubbling hot springs, charming mountain villages, a Mediterranean climate, delicious food, and empty trails await.

Spending four core days running among the mountains and valleys of the alps, traversing the high peaks which run the natural border between Albania and neighbouring Montenegro. 

We’ll experience running on empty trails as well as lush alpine meadows and waterfalls, with impromptu stops to bathe in natural hot springs. Our nightly accommodation will be cosy mountain lodges with delicious Albanian cuisine and wine to ensure we are well-rested and recovered.    

Alongside the alps, we’ll be spending some time urban running as we explore the communist-era sights of Tirana, as well as having some well-deserved chill time on the beaches of Durres.


Tirana, Tiranë, Albania