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10k Runs
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It's no surprise 10K runs are the most popular race distance. At 6.2 miles, it's an achievable challenge for beginners. Between a 5K and the half marathon, a 10K distance accommodates recreational runners as well as serious competitors alike. Great for building speed, strength and for more experienced runners to increase their endurance while training for longer distances. It’s not just the race that’s all-round either, 10K training fits in with more running goals than any other distance.

Monday 12th of September 2022
Hankley Common 10km
Event By: Running Adventures
Sunday 30th of October 2022
Brigg Poppy 10k & Military Challenge 2022
Virtual Challenge
Event By: Curly's Athletes
Sunday 27th of November 2022
Doncaster 10k 2022
Virtual Challenge
Event By: Curly's Athletes